Technical support

Your application has been deployed online but you're never alone. We assist our clients and offer them support and maintenance as a service.

Although we trained you to use your website, you could someday encounter difficulties. We are at your disposal whatever your problem. If our explanations on the phone or email are not enough to tide you over, we will quickly take control of your computer.

Helpline, remote control, e-mail support: we do our best to ensure the best reactivity and prevent you from wasting time.

We use TeamViewer to take control of your computer and show you how to perform a particular action, etc. You can also contact us via Skype 7days/7.


Applications we develop are constantly monitored by analytical and statistical services followed very closely by our developers.

With New Relic performance reports, we are able to know the response time of each request and each page of your application. When the response time of a query is not optimal, New Relic tells us the lines of code to change so that we can act as soon as possible.

Prevention is better than cure. We use the Google Analytics service to monitor the number of visits and adapt your add-ons, workers and dynos (your cloud servers) to your application's traffic.

We ensure the proper functioning of your application.

We control your application's errors and exceptions: If an error occurs on your website, we are automatically notified by e-mail and/or SMS. The error report that we receive indicates the lines of code that generated the error and the conditions under which the error occurred (environment, settings, etc.). We solve problems before you notice them.

Assistance Modifications

A website is composed of two types of content: static and dynamic. Static content is not likely to change very often while dynamic content may change very frequently. For the latter, we've probably already planned to provide you with an administration that allows you to change it. Regarding static content, we are committed to change and make updates whenever you want.

In addition to the support and maintenance that we do, we are committed to make all the changes you want on your website.

We also undertake to make any minor changes that you want on your website (Additions buttons, pages, new features, etc.).


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